THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS (1975) hosted by Peter Graves

This rare but amazingly great documentary covers all the big ones (pun intended)! Bigfoot! The Yeti! The Loch Ness Monsters! All coming at cha in grainy 70’s drive-in goodness! The year was 1975 and America was enjoying Monster Mania like it never had before! Bigfoot was a household name and if you hadn’t at least heard of the Loch Ness Monster you must have been living under a rock! No better time to hit the outdoor theater and watch this gem of a now classic Monster documentary!

Now, I know what you’re thinking! How can this movie be any better than any of the other monster documentaries out there? I’ve seen ‘em all! I’ll tell ya why! PETER GRAVES!!! Actor Peter Graves is nice enough to take the time and present you the evidence HIMSELF! That’s why!

MM Graves

The great thing about Graves here is the fact that he truly seems interested in the subject. Yeah, it’s most likely acting, but he sells it! He scouts locations, he interviews scientists, he flies high over the forest hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Sasquatch, he’s in the trenches (so to speak) with the researchers casting footprints, and analyzing hair samples. The 1 hour and 30 minutes watching this gem will be well spent!

Once again we get treated to the finest eye-witness testimony, and event reenactments this side of In Search Of…! Some highlights: Father Gregory Brusey recounts his sighting of The Loch Ness Monster near the jetty by the boathouse. The Distinguished British Himalayan mountaineer Eric Shipton explains his world-famous photos of Yeti footprints snapped in 1951 on Mt. Everest. You know, the mysterious footprints crunched into snow with the ice axe placed beneath for scale? The creepy sound recordings captured by Al Berry of a very talkative Bigfoot(s) in the Sierra Mountains of California. And let’s not forget the testimony of Bigfoot footprint hoaxer Ray Pickens of Chehalis, Washington. This show really tries to cover its bases with exhaustive evidence finding and seemingly credible accounts.

Every rock is turned over for the search for truth, but the documentary takes time to also portray the ridiculous and the unintentional hilarity of the subject. Like the recount of events via Dan Malockney to a young boy scout troop who was terrorized by a curious Bigfoot in Montana in 1965. Dan spins a great tale but the best he can produce as far as evidence goes is a crude line drawing of a large foot. C’mon Dan, you can do better than that can’t cha??? Or the horrifying(?) recounting of events that took place at the old drag strip via Gerry Lou Welchell while under hypnosis. Fantastic stuff that will keep you glued to the screen. There is so much great stuff packed into this one it will make your head spin!

MM bigfoot

I don’t want to spoil the rest; you just have to see it! It’s amazing!

My favorite quote from the movie: “Dan Bowman had never heard of the creature he and his daughter were about to encounter. He had no idea that the dark road ahead beyond where his daughter stood waiting for him held a promise of terror that would soon bolt up out of the shadows!”

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