Scream Factory Presents: Ravenous (Review)

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Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

If you will pardon the pun, our friends at Scream Factory have served up us horror fans something we can really sink our teeth into with their release of the fantastically wicked Ravenous on Blu-Ray.

Directed by the late Antonia Bird (Mad Love, Priest) this film is a supernatural tale with an equally delightful heaping of black comedy laced throughout. Now when I first saw the film I was immediately won over by not only that dark humor but what is essentially a man who must fight his very nature in the benefit of others, in this case it’s Captain Boyd (Guy Pearce) who during a climatic battle during the Mexican-American War finds that he isn’t quite made for battle. During the fight he lays down to pretend to have been slain even while his fellow soldier call out to him for aid…so he soon finds himself behind enemy lines, with the bodies of his fellow soldiers stacked atop him he claws his way out and takes the enemy by surprise and to his dismay finds himself being venerated by his commanding officers and given a promotion. General Slauson (John Spencer) however seems to be a good judge of character (At least in regards to the Captain) and wants Boyd as far away from him as possible so he sends him to the Sierra Nevada Fort Spencer that is filled with some rather interesting characters.

You have the bookish Colonel Hart (Jeffrey Jones), the alcoholic physician Knox (Stephen Spinella), the gung-ho…and possibly insane soldier Private Reich (Neal McDonough), the pious Private Toffer (Jeremy Davies), and the often blitzed Private Cleaves (David Arquette). There are two Native American twins at the fort, George (Joseph Runningfox) and Martha (Sheila Tousey) who act as trackers and as sages to Boyd in regards to a lost and frozen wanderer who appears amongst them from out of the wilds, F.W. Colqhoun (Robert Carlyle)…a man who claims to have been part of a caravan of settlers, trapped by the weather in cave that eventually are forced to turn to cannibalism.

Now to be fair that trailer pretty much clues you in that Carlyle’s character isn’t exactly telling the truth, it also tries to spin the movie as being a little more madcap than it actually is. This is indeed a horror film as this clip entitled “It’s a trap!” demonstrates.

As usual Scream Factory has loaded their newest release with the kind of special features we have come to expect from them:

Commentary With Director Antonia Bird And Composer Damon Albarn
Commentary With Screenwriter Ted Griffin And Actor Jeffrey Jones
Commentary With Actor Robert Carlyle
Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Antonia Bird
New Interview With Actor Jeffrey Jones
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot
Two Still Galleries – Costume Design And Production Design

You can follow the link provided up top to pre-order your copy of Ravenous today or wait until tomorrow to pick it up in stores everywhere. A big thanks again to Scream Factory for letting me review the Blu-Ray and I look forward to bringing you the latest cult and horror favorites from their vast library!


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