“Super-Villain Rehab” Featuring Doctor Doom By Panda Face!

Image courtesy of Panda Face on deviantART.
Image courtesy of Panda Face on deviantART.

With my subject matter being Doctor Doom for the Super-Blog Team Up last week it struck me that Panda Face’s artwork featuring the monarch of Latveria enjoying a sunny afternoon surrounded by adoring puppies drove home one of my points, Doom isn’t all bad.

Panda Face added this explanation to his artwork:
“Here is the first of the “Super-Villain Rehab” pictures I’m doing.

Me feeling is if the Super-Heroes of the world wouldn’t keep shooting the Super-Villains of the world into space, or putting them in asylums, or punching them repeatedly in the eyeballs, they might not be so mad all the time.

My suggestion: Super Villain Rehab. Send those guys to a place where they can receive the love and attention they didn’t receive as children.

Above you’ll find our first test subject. Doctor Doom. He’s playing with puppies! This makes him happy! Look at how much he doesn’t want to blow up the planet! He just wants to keep playing with those puppies.

See. The world is a better place already.

TAKE THAT, FANTASTIC FOUR!!! Not so fantastic now, are ya?!”


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