Saturday Frights: Oh Rats!


Welcome ghouls! With the news that Scream Factory will be releasing the rat-tastic Deadly Eyes soon (a blurb for which may or may not have appeared here at The Retroist before this sparkling gem of a post goes live) as well as the recent unfotunate “Those aren’t Rasinettes” incident here at the Vault, I’ve decided to run down a collection of trailers that feature rampaging rodents (but not Ben or Willard because I totally forgot about those until after I wrote this thing)!

Let’s kick things off with a story “inspired” by the writings of H.G. Wells (although the ingredients label from a package of cous cous or a Bazooka Joe comic would have as much to do with this story as ol’ H.G.)

And due to (un)popular demand:

Appearances to the contrary this film does indeed feature rat action (and excessive Richard Masur):

What would happen if Escape From New York was horrible and featured rats instead of Issac Hayes (Plus Blood Kill? What the…? And I’m simply amazed Rob Liefeld never created a comic called that…)?

And finally Buckaroo Banzai Against The Rat Race (and btw how awesome is that Saul Bass Warner Bros. logo?)

Daniel XIII

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