Retroist Junkbox Update: Oklahoma!

Retroist Junkbox Update: Oklahoma!

Hey kids. Your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest on our beloved Junkbox. The box has arrived and already moved on from its latest destination, the great state of Oklahoma!

Our pal Trevor in OK got the box and in a very low-key manner went through its contents and sent it on the way like a good guy would. No frills or muss. That’s how I like it. Makes it real easy to keep things in order, box wise.

Let’s take a look at the things he contributed to the box. Some cool stuff Trevor! I like those Atari games and the Mad Libs. I haven’t done one of those in years. I remember how much fun they used to be. Man, I love some Mad Libs. Is that A Star Wars catalog in there? Right next to the comics? I think it is.

Catalogs are the best. I think that we all probably had more toy wishes than actual toys so for me at least a lot of my memories are of looking at catalogs and wanting stuff that I knew I’d probably never have. What is that Battlestar Galactica thing? I mean, I know it’s a book but what kind of book is it? We shall maybe never know…


Is that a real Orko or an Orko eraser of some sort? I have that Creature From The Black Lagoon in my collection of things. I think he was a fast food toy but that could also be from the Remco action figure line. It’s awesome either way. Now lets take a look at what’s coming out of the box


Not too shabby of a haul Trevor. You got a couple of things from me in there. That’s cool. The M.A.S.K Bruce Sato dude up there is/was mine so is The Empire Strikes Back Atari Game. Maybe the Stormtrooper too and maybe the Gameboy. It’s been awhile. I can’t remember what I started it all off with.. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my beloved retro junk….

Next stop for the box is NYC and another Retroist Contributor., the beloved DJ Darko. She’s gonna do a personal hand off with the box in the vein of Vic Sage and Robe’s famous Joust For The Junk but I don’t know if Joust will be involved, there will be junk though. Really looking forward to that.

Well kids, that’s all for today. If you got a minute hop on over to Facebook and check out your boy IseeRobots and his/my awesome Flea Market Finds (I think they are awesome anyway) You won’t be sorry for long…


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  1. What is the blue and grey thing with the drills in front of the Tommy Lasorda game ? I know that I had one when I was a kid, but don’t remember what it was called.

  2. I think that is the Autobot Transformer, Twin Twist.

  3. Fun stuff! I started putting together a nice little pile of space / weight efficient retro items last night in anticipation.

  4. The Retroist is correct, that is indeed Twin Twist. My question is that a Plan 9 From Outer Space CD?

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