2014 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show


It’s that time again the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show will be taking place June 6-8 at the Tacoma Convention Center in Washington State. We are planning on having 400 pinball and arcade games from the 1950’s to present day out on the floor, guest speakers, and tournaments. During the show they will be raffling off prizes during the show and here are the highlights:

Friday: $1 raffle grand prize = Xbox 360 Gamers Bundle
Saturday: $1 raffle grand prize= Fish Tales Pinball
Saturday: $1 BONUS drawing prize = Xbox ONE
Sunday: $1 raffle grand prize = Donkey Kong Arcade
Sunday: $20 raffle grand prize = Star Trek Pinball

The admission prices are $25 on Friday (12pm-11:30pm) $30 on Saturday (10am-11:30) $20 on Sunday (9am-3pm) and $65 for a weekend pass. You can check out the website for all the details and that can be found at www.nwpinballshow.com.

Ok I got all the details out so now I just want to say I hope some of will be able to make it to this year’s show. I had a chance to meet a few of you at past shows already and I really enjoyed it and putting faces to names is always nice. I’ll be bringing 16 machines along with me, a few of which I’ve talked about on this website, so here is a chance to play them in person. I will most likely be at the medic booth for most of the show so if you want to say hi head there and ask for Matt G or Blinddog they should be able to point you in the right direction. I was hoping to give a little more warning than a week and a half but the next thing I knew it was right around the corner.

Game on!

P.S. There a couple other shows that I now of going on this summer. The Southern-Fried Gameroom expo will be having their first show in Atlanta Georgia June 20-22 and California Extreme will be going on in Santa Clara California July 12-13.


I'm a kid of the 70's and 80's. Grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Atari and Music Videos. My current hobby is repairing arcade games, mostly from the 70's and trying to find space to put them.

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