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My parents bought me some really cool toys when I was a kid. One of them was Verbot, a toy robot from Tomy. You would use voice commands to control Verbot. It is not as high-tech as it sounds. When you turn Verbot on, he would make a very loud, constant chattering sound. Eyes light up and blink. To set the voice commands, you press & hold a button on his chest which corresponds to a movement like raising arms and say something with two syllables like “arms up”. Let go of the button, speak into the handset microphone and Verbot will do as you say. I don’t have that Verbot anymore, but I had to have it again, so now I do. The photo is from 1986 if I’m not mistaken. You can check out my other Then & Now of Robie Junior and the Coleco ADAM computer.

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