No One Else Is the Same: JEM!
I guess Hasbro forgot to manufacture a drum kit

No One Else Is the Same: JEM!


How excited were you when you heard the announcement that a Jem and the Holograms feature film is in the works? Oh, you couldn’t sleep for three days, either? You’ve had “Glitter and Gold” stuck in your head all week? Truly outrageous!

With the current rush to get some of our favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, and even board games up on the big screen in live-action format (G.I. Joe, Transformers, uh…Battleship, anyone?), it’s logical that it was only a matter of time before someone garnered the rights to Jem and made the cartoon into a major motion picture. It’s also relevant to note that Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Jem are all Hasbro franchises (so maybe a live action My Little Pony movie is in our near future?)

Though little is currently known about the movie’s plot, I can only hope it will include a heavy helping of original songs from the cartoons. Those songs were amazing. They were catchy as hell and all were under 2 1/2 minutes long. It’s interesting to realize that every episode contained at least 2 original songs (one for the Holograms, one for the Misfits), and sometimes upwards of 5. I still remember all of the lyrics to “Twilight in Paris”, as well as “Glitter and Gold”.

When I was a kid I had all of the dolls of the Holograms (and yet, sadly, no Misfits) and each doll’s packaging came with a cassette tape. The tapes had each doll’s name written on them; the A Side contained 3 songs from the show, including the Jem theme song, while the B Sides had the instrumental version of the theme song.
kimber-box TAPE

Are their new dolls on the horizon? Apparently they’ve been here the entire time! Integrity Toys has released several updated versions of the character dolls. Although most of the dolls are sold out, you can still purchase your own Glitter and Gold style Rio doll! (I’ll pass).

Speaking of outrageous (and yes, I know that everyone’s got a price…) the cost of one of these collectible updated dolls is $119!

Here’s a fun flashback to a commercial for the original dolls.


And, a clever tie-in, since all of the dolls came with their own cassette tape: Jem’s got a cassette player! I mean, you could play your Shana-themed tape on any old boom box, but WHY WOULD YOU WHEN YOU COULD PLAY IT ON THE JEM STAR STAGE!


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  1. As a huge JEM fan, I’m REALLY hoping they don’t mess this up. I saw a cast picture of the band, and they…..look alright. A bit young for the part, but still looks like them. What do you think of Charlie Sheen as Eric Raymond ?

  2. I liked the cartoon & still listen to the music, but I despise it whenever hollywood does a live action version of a cartoon, they ALWAYS screw it up. There has never been a live action version of a cartoon which was anything less than absolutely horrible.

  3. I’m conflicted by this. I feel like I already have too many hopes for the film. I DO think it’s a good sign that Juliette Lewis is involved (and I really hope she’s cast as Pizzazz) and that they signed Molly Ringwald (god knows how they’ll use her, though). Chuck Sheen as Eric? Ha, that’d be some inspired casting!

    Drahken, I agree about live-action cartoon-based movies. Josie and the Pussycats was dopey as heck and ultimately forgettable. But since that time, thanks to shows like American Idol and the Voice, I think audiences expect more out of music-based movies. And I think if they do this right, it’ll be really profitable for Hasbro if they plan to have a soundtrack/release new action figures and accessories, etc…

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