Enjoy this Seven Hour Marathon of Cracktros and Trainer Intros


If you played around with software back in the 1980s and 1990s, you might remember that at the start of trainers and cracked software, the people who brought you that software would include an audio/visual introduction. Some of these were pretty simple, but others contained full-blown animation and music. What I remember about them is that they were always SUPER loud and usually scared the heck out of me no matter how prepared I was for them.

I stumbled across a link to a video of a collection of these intros last night and I started watching it and was surprised with how long I could keep watching it (almost an hour). It used to be that I rushed through these screens, but now I linger on them and can enjoy them as a form of art.

It is amazing what a couple of decades can do.

I am not sure how long you can make it through this, I think once you start you will be surprised with how quickly the time flies why you watch into after intro.





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