Happy Birthday, Siouxsie Sioux!


Happy Birthday to Siouxsie Sioux (she of Banshees and Creatures fame)! The grand doyenne of goth rock turns 57 years old today, May 27.

Face-To-Face-singleWho among us wasn’t thrilled when the Banshees turned up on the Batman Returns soundtrack, performing the only sung track on the album: “Face to Face”. Written and performed by the Banshees (with co-orchestration from Danny Elfman, who of course composed the score for the film), you can often hear the strings from the song echoed throughout the movie (especially when Selena Kyle or Catwoman comes into play). The song itself is played during Max Schreck’s Maxquerade Ball when Bruce and Selena dance together.

Two versions of the video were shot; one to include footage from the movie, included here.

“A kiss can be even deadlier, if you mean it”; man, I love that line.

Additionally, I always coveted these amazing cat claw rings that Siouxsie wears in the “Face to Face” video. MEOW.



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