A la peanut butter sandwiches!


Whenever my daughter wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch (which is pretty much every day), it always makes me think of Sesame Street‘s Amazing Mumford and his magic words.

Voiced by Jerry Nelson, it appears as though Mumford is no longer a character on Sesame Street; Nelson died in 2012, and the Muppet Wiki page lists a 2011 sketch as the last one that featured Mumford.

MumfordPineapples In many sketches, Mumford would be performing on stage and Grover was often the overzealous volunteer to Mumford’s many tricks. In this clip, Grover should have been more specific about his particular magical request.

Fun bit of trivia: Mumford’s voice was based on that of W.C. Fields.

A bit of personal trivia: whenever I hear Mumford and Sons on the radio, this is also who I think about.


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