The opening of Euro Disney in 1992

Euro Disney

As I type this, it is for me the eve of a family visit to Disneyland Paris. I’ve visited the French parks several times already but this is the first time with my two young children and everyone is very excited.

Opening in 1992 with the moniker “Euro Disney”, this was a big deal for Europe, and Disney pulled out all the stops to make sure the event and the park were successful. This included a fantastic British televised show of the opening ceremony.

There is much to love about this show, from the very British presenting team of Pat Sharp and Matthew Kelly to the star-studded guests including Cher and Tina Turner. In typical Disney style, everything about the ceremony is sugary sweet so be prepared for the constant stream of happiness and hype that we’ve come to expect from the House of Mouse!

Unfortunately Youtube has a block on the third part of the show so why not take a look at this alternative view of the day instead.

Finally, to see a little of the history of the park since 1992, check out this “Remember the Magic” video which charts 20 years of park life in a brisk 9 minutes.

Watching 20 years unfold is interesting as you see the park move from pure Disney Magic Kingdom to the 1996 introduction of Pixar’s Toy Story, to the 2002 opening of second park Walt Disney Studios.

I think my 2014 visit will be more Pixar than Disney as my children have grown up in the era of Cars and Toy Story but thankfully they’ve also been delighted by the mischief of Lilo & Stitch too. I’m hopeful that they’ll also be enchanted by the vast cast of older Disney characters but failing that, there is always Star Tours…

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