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Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

Our friends at Scream Factory were gracious enough to allow me to review their upcoming DVD release of the Vietnamese box office hit “House in the Alley”. When this supernatural thriller was released back in 2012 in Vietnam it literally broke box office records it was so popular.

I don’t mean to spoil a little of the movie right at the beginning of the review but in the end this is not a thriller where the fear comes from someone losing their mind in time of great grief but the slow and subtle effects of someone or something reaching from the great beyond to wreck havoc with the lives of a young couple we care about during the film.

At the very beginning of the House in the Alley we witness an absolutely horrible tragedy befall Thao (Thanh Van Ngo) and her husband Thanh (Son Bao Tran), as their baby is lost during childbirth. While both are devastated by the event, naturally, Thao is having the harder time adjusting to what occurred. Refusing to bury their child, keeping it within it’s casket in their home. Thanh does his best to console his Wife and to keep his shrewish Mother away while also trying to save the family business from self-destructing due to labor issues. After months of grieving it seems that Thao has suddenly found the first step in getting past the event, she is possibly ready to move on with their lives but then she begins to…hear things. Thanh too begins to experience strange occurrences in their home and worst of all he can’t help but notice how his wife is changing, she is certainly becoming less stable, but it’s more than that, the way she moves and even the pallor of her skin becomes different. But what can be causing all of this? Is it possibly their dead child? Are they being punished for something? Is it the house itself?

That’s the great part of House in the Alley, like I mentioned above, it’s a slow and steady build up with plenty of creepy moments but to learn everything you’ll just have to be patient.

House in the Alley will be released on May 27, 2014 on DVD. You still have time to follow the link provided above to pre-order your copy today!


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