Saturday Frights: Starship Invasions (1977)


Welcome to the Vault o’ ghoulish fiends! I’m not going to beat around the ol’ bush this week, I’m just going to come right out and say it; 99% of why I’m unspooling this lil’ gem is because of that hat Chris Lee sports. I mean just look at it:


He can’t even believe he’s wearing it, and this is the guy that dressed like this in Howling II:


Anyway, I haven’t seen this film since the early 80’s but I remember it had some jazzy music and aliens that were based on “true-life” alien encounters; like this jack a nape:

I'm here for the welder position...and to probe you
I’m here for the welder position…and to probe you

OK, enough chit-chat. Smug-or 4,000 what say you:

Play the film or don't it matters little to Smug-or 4000 master of not giving a flying F...
Play the film or don’t it matters little to Smug-or 4000 master of not giving a flying F…

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