The Retroist Junk Box in Arkansas 2.0 Or The Joust For The Junk Part 2!

Hey kids. Your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest on The Retro Junkbox. As you hopefully remember this last week at The Arcadia Retrocade the box passed from our pal Vic Sage toRetro Fanatic Robe Flax after a grueling round of Joust.

Robe brought his retro goodies with him to the retrocade as to hasten its arrival at the next dude’s house. First let’s take a look at some of the cool things Robe decided to take with him back to his side of Arkansas after some more video game related fun at Arkadia.


Nice! That’s a lot of cool stuff! The coveted Zartan and Zarana, The DS9 watch I donated. That watch had been sitting around my office for years at one point I had it hanging up above my closet. The Mego Ape head, that’s what it is right? Up there next to Quark? Vic Sage’s Tron Stickers, the Yo MTV Raps Tape, I wanted that! Overall a really nice haul. Good Picking Robe

Alright, here’s the fun part. The part where we get to see what is going IN to the box. It’s cool because it’s possible that someone might just drop that special something that you are looking for in there. It’ really could happen. We all have that right? That special whatever that we’d flip if we actually saw out in the wild? I have a few of them, mostly GI Joes. Anyway. let’s move on.


Aw-some! Lobo Comic! How great is that? I used to have a Lobo T-Shirt that I wore until if fell apart. Love me some Lobo. What is that MR.T thing? What would a Retro Box be without some random Mr.T product. Check out that Rich Little Answering machine tape. Remember those? I never took the plunge and got one but always thought that they were really cool.

Let’s take a closer look at those VHS tapes. I’m a VHS junkie.


Sweatin’ To The Oldies? That’s retro! Summer Rental is cool too. I haven’t seen that in years. Overall it’s a real nice donation. Thanks Robe. So, the next stop for The Retro Junkbox is the great state of Oklahoma. After that it’s gonna take a swing through the Brooklyn Area of New York City! If you are signed up and in that sector keep an eye out for an email giving you the details…

If you have a second hop on over to The IseeRobots Facebook page and give your boy a big thumbs up! You won’t be sorry for long. And big thanks to our friend at The Retro Art Blog for help with the title!


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