Zoodleland Appliances

I’m not sure whether the idea to release pretend kitchen appliances shaped like animals was born from a whimsical imagination a drug-induced nightmare, wherever the idea came from, Zoodleland decided to make it a reality in the late 1970s.


My sister owned all three: the hippo-sink, the penguin-fridge, and the turtle-oven/stove. According to an old ad hosted over at Plaid Stallions, each unit cost $16.99 individually or you could save five bucks and purchase all three as a package deal for $45.97.

Although these were considered to be “girls toys” back then, I admit to helping out with the pretend dishes a time or too after being invited to a pretend tea party by my sister. I also secretly wished that they would make a full-sized working model of at least the penguin fridge. I would totally own that.

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