Titan Books: Tarzan – In The City Of Gold (Review)

Image courtesy of Titan Books.
Image courtesy of Titan Books.

Friends, I’m ecstatic to let you know that Titan Books released the first of their planned four volumes of the collected Burne Hogarth Tarzan newspaper strips just last week. In this first volume they have gathered and reprinted in oversized format the exciting adventures “Tarzan in the City of Gold”, “Tarzan and the Boers, Part 1 and 2”, “Tarzan and the Chinese”, “Tarzan and the Pygmies”, and “Tarzan and the Amazons”. It contains 155 beautiful full-page stories illustrated by Hogarth and penned by Don Garden, covering the original publication dates of 1937 until April 28, 1940.

Images courtesy of Titan Books and Comic Vine.
Images courtesy of Titan Books and Comic Vine.

Burne Hogarth wasn’t the original artist on the newspaper strip, the artist who helped keep children and adults alike enthralled week after week to the “noble savage” aristocrat’s adventures was none other than Hal Foster. Foster left the strip in it’s prime because he was jumping from United Feature Syndicate to King Features Syndicate where he would work on his own creation, Prince Valiant.

Tarzan B - Titan Books - Comic Vine

Tarzan C - Titan Books - Comic Vine
Tarzan D - Titan Books - Comic Vine

Tarzan faces more than the perils of the jungle in this collection, you’ll see him match wits against evil warlords and try to escape and save his allies from poachers and try to cease the bloodshed between a native tribe and some settlers. This single panel might be the greatest sequential art image I’ve seen in a very long time…

Though I obviously don't like that Bo-Dek was shot and killed.
Though I obviously don’t like that Bo-Dek was shot and killed.

As well as the magnificent strips within the book there is a wonderful introduction included by Scott Tracy Griffin, who was the author of Titan Book’s Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration, which if you are a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs character you need to make sure to get your hands on!

Tarzan in the City of Gold like I mentioned above is available right now for purchase, feel free to follow the link provided up top. I also want to thank Comic Vine for the images provided, the artwork is presented clear and clean in the book itself, I had to crop the images to post them.


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