Ghostbusters? No, Ghost Sweepers!

A tribute to the end of the first Ghostbusters movie?
A tribute to the end of the first Ghostbusters movie?

We all remember the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, but how many of us are familiar with Japan’s answer to it?

“Ghost Sweeper Mikami”

GS Mikami is like Real Ghostbusters, but with a distinct Japanese flavor. Like Ghostbusters, the Ghost Sweeper series is episodic, with a new pesky ghost to stop in each episode, one main difference being that Mikami doesn’t set out to capture every ghost, just make them stop being a nuisance. Sometimes the ghosts do get captured or destroyed, but often they just get sent on to the afterworld, or to take up some less bothersome role in the real world. Mikami has a ghost that has joined her in much the way Slimer did the Ghostbusters, they charge clients large fees to get rid of their ghosts, much like Ghostbusters. The humor and ghost fighting methods are distinctly Japanese though.

If you loved The Real Ghostbusters like most of us did, then you should give Ghost Sweeper Mikami a watch. Here’s the first episode:


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