Saturday Frights: Alcoa Presents – One Step Beyond “The Devil’s Laughter” (1959)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
My friends, while I wait for the Projectionist to repair some of the damage done to the radio equipment on the last Saturday Frights Podcast thanks to the fire I felt this would be a great time to share this bit of thriller television from back in 1959. Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond was a popular anthology television series that aired on ABC starting in 1959 until 1961. Each week the host, John Newland (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Dr. Kildare), would welcome viewers to experience “all true events” that would chill and confound.

With tonight’s episode entitled “The Devil’s Laughter”, we are introduced to convicted killer John Marriott (Alfred Ryder) as he awaits his death by hanging in a London prison. He is rightfully afraid of the fate that awaits him but when the hangman slips the hood over his head as he stands upon the gallows…he sees that this place will not be where he dies. Is John hallucinating? Or has he take One Step Beyond where he is able to cheat death?


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