HBO Behind The Scenes: Running Scared (1986)

Running Scared
When Running Scared was released theatrically it was a film I wasn’t able to catch, for some reason my Father has always had an issue with Billy Crystal. So I didn’t actually get to see the film until 1991 when I was working at a local Mom and Pop video store in my neck of the woods called Movie Magic. The owner and manager of the store was about 7 years my Senior and he loved Running Scared, in fact after closing one night after I had been there a few weeks when he found out that I hadn’t seen the movie yet, we ordered pizza and soda and had a screening after hours. It would become one of my favorites and we would constantly quote the movie during certain stressful situations…thankfully none quite as stressful as Ray Hughes (Gregory Hines) and Danny Costanzo (Billy Crystal) have to face in the film.

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That doesn’t mean I didn’t know about the film when it first came out though, thanks to behind the scenes shorts like HBO presented.

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