The Question By Denys Cowan And Rick Magyar

The Question - Denys Cowan - Rick Magyar
I’ve stated before that my first encounter with what would end up being one of my favorite comic characters, in this case DC Comics’ The Question was with the 1987 comic series written by the legendary Dennis O’Neil. One of the reasons being the in-store artwork you see up above by Denys Cowan and Rick Magyar, who by the way were nominated for an Eisner award for “Best Art Team” in 1988 and 1989 for their work on the comic.

When I walked into my local comic shop and saw that hanging up by the cash register I was immediately captivated by the character and still am today not only thanks to the work done by the original creator of the character, Steve Ditko, but for the Question’s wonderful appearances in the 2004 – 2006 Justice League Unlimited television series.
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Of course it didn’t hurt that Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) was the voice of the Question.


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