Batman: The Animated Series Live Action Intro!

Batman Animated Series - Live Action Intro
The intro to the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series is iconic. It’s memorable and sets the viewer straight on the style of the show as well as how formidable Batman is when dealing with those superstitious and cowardly lot. Thanks to my fellow Retroist writer Hayden Yale for giving me the heads up on this rather fantastic live action remake of that very opening.

[Via] Jeff Jam Banjo

From the YouTube Channel:
This is our live action version of the classic opening of Batman: The Animated Series.

Directed/Edited By: Tomi Pietilä
Cinematography: Teemu Saarinen
3D Artist: Tommi Tuominen

Batman: Harri Kailanto
Thugs: Tomi Pietilä and Miika Hakala
Cops: Harri Kailanto and Eve Rasku

Special Thanks:
Marja Siira
Tapio Aulu
Tero Pekkarinen
Timo Pietilä
Jussi Sandhu
Ville Hakonen
Salla Lehtikangas

Dedicated to Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and all the other creative geniuses behind Batman: The Animated Series

This is a nonprofit film made by fans.


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