Retroist Junkbox Update: Vic vs. Robe at Arkadia!

Retroist Junkbox Update: Vic vs. Robe at Arkadia!

Hi Kids! your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest on our traveling box of Retro Junk AKA The Retroist Junkbox!

This week the box was being passed directly into the hands of fellow fan Robe Flax from your pal and mine Vic Sage. The handoff was unique in the brief history of the box because they planned to meet up in person! at Arkadia Retrocade, a landmark spot no less. Let’s take a look at the monumental meeting!

All wasn’t peanut butter cups and Dr.Pepper though there was a beef to be settled. The beef? Who get’s the sweet, sweet Zartan from inside the box.

Robe Flax and Vic Sage Duel

Of course there is only one way to settle a dispute of this magnitude. Joust.

Robe and Vic with Zartan

Now, I wasn’t there in person to witness it but from what I hear the battle stretched on for hours with many knights separated from their flying ostriches before one man stood victorious… Robe Flax..


I hope you enjoy the Zartan Robe, From what I understand the loss has taken a heavy toll on Vic’s already fragile psyche. He may never be the same. Just kidding, he’s been telling everyone that he let you win. From what my Dad told me as a kid folks only do that when they know they lost fair and square so who knows how anyone feels about any of this except for me and all I feel is jealousy for not being there!

Who was there though? Fellow bearded Retroist Fanatic, Gary Burton! It must have been like being there when Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier for the first time. You knew that you witnessed history.


Looks like a great time was had by all, except Vic. He really wanted that Zartan. If you have any to donate whip them out to Vic Sage care of The Retroist Film Vault. He’s usually down there doing stuff with The Projectionist. He’d appreciate the parcel.

Next time we’re gonna take a peek at Robe’s generous contributions to The Junk Box. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Next stop outside of that? The fine state of Oklahoma. Should be fun.

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  1. This event will be studied for years to come.

  2. It’s a possibility, Patrick! Robe certainly proved he had the skills…I counted no less then 10 kills racked up by him on the Pterodactyl alone. I would do my typical get the heck out of dodge maneuver but not Robe…he stared that winged beast down and killed it every time.

    I may not give him my pinball crown but I was honored to pass Zartan off to him. :)

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