The Epic “Beat Street” Roxy Battle Scene


On the latest Frogger episode the Retroist mentions in his opening that he and his friends started a breakdancing crew the same as my friends and I and probably most of the 80’s kids. This got me thinking back to those days of parachute pants, wide laces in shell toed Adidas, windbreakers and not to forget a boom box and cardboard (or a sheet of linoleum like my friend Eric had). I would look through magazines in the grocery store line to see the latest moves or in a How to breakdance book with the New York City Breakers I picked up at school book fair. Then there were movies like Breakin’ (1984) with Turbo who was amazing himself but the movie that I just couldn’t stop watching was Beat Street (1984). I think that Breakin’ was more kid and family friendly but there is no denying that the battle at the Roxy between Beat Street and the Bronx Rockers was the most amazing breakdancing scene in a movie as well as the song playing, Breaker’s Revenge by Arthur Baker.

I dare you to watch this video and I guarantee when nobody’s looking you’ll be busting some moves. Just be careful with those head spins.


I grew up in western New York in the late 70's early-mid 80's playing with my Star Wars and Fisher Price adventure people. I have to say it was a good time.

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