Godzilla vs the Tricephalon Monster Playset


Godzilla never had a super-robust line of toys when I was kid, at least that I had access to. So naturally, I treasured the few “official” kaiju toys I owned. Perhaps my favorite was this amazing “Godzilla vs the Tricephalon Monster” playset. I’m not sure if it was actually licensed from Toho or anything, given that Tricephalon looks to have been invented just for the toy. I dimly recall that I just thought it was some version of King Ghidorah (Monster Zero)!

I played with it until it wore out, with most of the tiny army men and jeeps going to their doom in air vents or my mom’s vacuum cleaner. The main monster figure were pretty robust, and lasted for years.

More pics and details can be found here at Midnight Monster Spookshow, but I can’t really find a whole lot more info. Did anybody else live out their giant-monster-stomping fantasies with this set?


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