Godzilla: The Animated Series… from 1998!

Godzilla: The Series

You all remember the animated Godzilla series, right? No, not the Hanna Barbara version from 1978 with Godzooky, I’m talking about the 1998 follow-up to the American “reboot”.

Truthfully, I didn’t know anything about the show, but with 15 years now passed since it went off the air, I thought it was worth a watch. I’m glad I did as it is quite good! Following on from the events of the film, the series follows the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team (H.E.A.T.) as they battle giant monsters with the help of Godzilla Junior, the only surviving hatchling from the eggs left at the end of the movie.

You can catch the first episode on Youtube, complete with the birth of the baby at the 6 minute mark!

Running to 40 episodes over 2 seasons and featuring monsters such as Crustaceous Rex, the Loch Ness Monster and Cyber-Godzilla, this animated series can be found on DVD if monster battles are your thing.

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