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I’ve posted previously about how I spent much of the 80s infatuated with ninjas. I’ve written about my collection of ninja VHS movies and one of my favorite ninja books and even recorded an entire podcast episode about ninjas. I was really into ninjas.

Out in my garage recently I ran across a stash of old magazines I owned, including this issue of Ninja Magazine from 1986.

I didn’t own a lot of issues of Ninja Magazine as a kid, probably because it was easier to talk my mom into buying me magazines about computers, video games, low rider trucks or even Mad Magazine than it was to talk her into buying me one dedicated to a group of people who ran around in their pajamas killing people. While I can’t remember the specifics, I think I may have traded a friend of mine a couple of other karate-related magazines for these issues of Ninja.

That galloping samurai never saw the arrow coming…

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