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The Last Dinosaur TV Guide Ad (1977)

I know this isn’t exactly Godzilla but 1977’s The Last Dinosaur most certainly features a man in a suit…when it’s not a puppet. When it first aired on ABC I was staying at my Grandparents house for the weekend and wasn’t sure what to expect but found myself being totally […]

Ninja Magazine

I’ve posted previously about how I spent much of the 80s infatuated with ninjas. I’ve written about my collection of ninja VHS movies and one of my favorite ninja books and even recorded an entire podcast episode about ninjas. I was really into ninjas. Out in my garage recently I […]

Slurpee Surprise Cups

Yes, another mystery solved thanks to the internet. We had a drunk drawer filled with lots of magical items when I was a kid and among them were these round stickers that we the prizes on these Slurpee Surprise Cups. I never knew because they had been placed there by […]