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Scream Factory
As I’ve mentioned before on the site I was lucky enough to work at a local video store during the heyday of VHS, and my assigned sections just so happened to be Horror and Sci-Fi. When I first started working at the job the VHS boxes that the customer would bring to us to rent were in no particular order, later of course we would start alphabetizing them to make it easier on us and the customer but in those beginning days you learned very quickly to pick out the movie you were searching for by just the briefest glance at the box art. Which might be why Evilspeak was rented out so much…

Images courtesy of Scream Factory.
Images courtesy of Scream Factory.

Our friends at Scream Factory were kind enough to let me review a copy of their upcoming Blu-Ray release of Evilspeak. The heart of the story is one of revenge, not just for the mercilessly bullied Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard) but for the evil Father Esteban (Richard Moll!) who lays the seed for Stanley’s vengeance back in the 16th century! The whole film lays one humiliating brick upon another on poor Stanley insuring that you hope that Coopersmith is able to obtain bloody recompense against the faculty and his peers at the West Andover Military Academy.

To help him in that quest he steals a computer from the library at the Academy, and sets up it up in the crypt of Father Esteban. Using the computer to help him translate the blasphemous writings of the dark priest in an attempt to gain the power granted by Satan after performing a black mass.

Evilspeak features a cast of well known bit players such as R.G. Armstrong (Predator, Children of the Corn), Joe Cortese (American History X), Don Stark (That ’70s Show), Claude Earl Jones (Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Bride of Re-Animator), Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke, Harold and Maude), Jim Greenleaf (Joysticks, Night Shift), and Haywood Nelson (What’s Happening!!!, As The World Turns).

Evilspeak is a certainly an enjoyable cult B-movie but as usual Scream Factory has packed it’s release on Blu-Ray with extras:

New interviews with actors Richard Moll, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson, Loren Lester and Lynn Hancock
New 2013 1080p High Definition transfer supervised and approved by Eric Weston
Audio Commentary with producer/director Eric Weston
Interviews with cast members Joseph Cortese, Clint Howard and Don Stark
Theatrical Trailer

The film will be available on store shelves this upcoming Tuesday, May 13, 2014. You can follow the link provided up top to pre-order your copy today!


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