Retro Records: Batman – The Scarecrow’s Mirage (1975)

Retro Records
Welcome back to a new installment of Retro Records! This week we have decided to pay a visit to Gotham City and hear Batman once again clash against a member of his Rogues Gallery, in this case the sinister Professor Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow.

Power Records - Batman
In “The Scarecrow’s Mirage” it seems that the villain and his gang are using a new invention that causes mirages to affect everything from boats in Gotham Harbor to stopping Batman and Robin dead in their tracks with dastardly pitfalls. Can Batman and the Boy Wonder find a way to see past these illusions and stop the Scarecrow from making a getaway with his stolen loot?

[Via] Chris O’Neil


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2 thoughts on “Retro Records: Batman – The Scarecrow’s Mirage (1975)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I must’ve listened to this a thousand times when I was five. “Batman” came to the local department store to autograph purchases, and this is what my dad picked out for me. I loved the record, but was puzzled when the man in the costume looked nothing like Adam West.

  2. This was the first time I had the fortune to listen to this particular record, Vinvectrex. I’m not positive but I think that is Neal Adams artwork for the cover. :)

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