I’ll Always Love My Mama


Be they stay-at-home moms,
(From left: Marion Cunningham, Laura Petrie, June Cleaver, Edith Bunker)

Working girls,
(From left: Mona and Angela Bower Clair Huxtable, Maggie Seaver (aka news reporter Maggie Malone, Mary Beth Cagney)

Slightly unorthodox role models,
(From left: Samantha Stephens, Lily Munster, Peg Bundy, Morticia Addams)

or sisters doing it for themselves,
(From left: Ann Romano, Kate and Allie, Shirley Partridge, Florida Evans)

these moms were always there for their families, offering sage advice, a kind ear, and a shoulder to cry on. So let’s take a moment to honor some of the TV moms who helped shape the landscape for today’s modern mothers of television.

“Picture it. Mother’s Day…2014”



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