Fascination: The Electric Maze Game (1961)

Friends, when Remco originally released Fascination: The Electric Maze Game back in 1961 it was a little before my time but I did however have a chance to play with a severely well worn version of it – when visiting a relative back in my youth. Their copy of of the game was so worn out that not only did it not possess the tower piece but contained only one of the balls for the plastic maze. Fascination: The Electric Maze Game was owned by a relative that had managed to keep all of their toys and games in a pretty good condition – enough so that they could still be entertaining – this is the same relative that introduced me to the Dark Tower electronic board game. Heck, in a weird way it’s probably true that checking out these older toys and board games is what helped to set me on the path of writing for the Retroist, enjoying the playthings that had been new 20 to 30 years before my time.

As you will see in the commercial below – Fascination: The Electric Maze Game offered Players two different challenges. Each maze was a competition between two Players – one was colored red and the other blue – the goal was to see who could navigate the plastic challenge field the fastest. The triple maze challenged the Players to attempt to get three of the steel balls through successfully – and then by turning that maze over – the circular maze presented a labyrinth challenge that required only one of the steel marbles. The tower that I mentioned was missing with the copy of the game I played was supposed to be attached to both of the plastic mazes by wires – if the Player using the red maze wins a red light on the tower would light up, etc. The rules were strict in regards to that tower or pylon as it was mentioned on the box instructions – stating “If either Player upsets the pylon by violent actions, he forfeits the game – and a finger of the opposing Player’s choosing!”

Okay. I will admit I made up something in those rules, but I’ll let you figure out what on your own. Now sit back and enjoy this vintage 1961 commercial for Fascination: The Electric Maze game… And watch your fingers, okay?

I also want to give a big thanks to the Art Skool Damage blog for the image of Fascination: The Electric Maze game!


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