Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future


Reading through a Mattel dealer catalogue over at, I found this blast from the past – Captain Power!

I can barely remember anything about Captain Power or his soldiers but the name and logo have stayed lodged in my mind since the late 80’s and I thought it was about time I learned more about them.


The toy line in these images is based on the 1987 TV series that ran for 22 episodes. The show was set in the 22nd century and followed Captain Jonathan Power as he battled the machine forces that dominated Earth following the Metal Wars.

Thanks to Youtube, you can watch the first episode, including its lengthy introduction below.

Some of the toys available were quite advanced and could interact with special animated videos, allowing you to shoot at the screen. Toys such as the Powerjet were basically just light guns in a toy shell but from what I’ve seen they were really cool and definitely something I would have wanted as a child!

Like the main show, the animated light gun videos too can be found online:

If you’ve not seen the show, I recommend watching the first episode, it’s good cheesy fun and from what I’ve read, the whole of the first season has an ongoing arc story to hook you, should you want more.

And finally, The Retroist has covered Captain Power many times over the years so, for more of our memories, use the search to the right or click here.

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