Junk Box Update: Arkansas!

Hi Retro Fans, your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest installment of The Retroist.Com Retro Junk Box Saga. This week the box began its two-part excursion into Arkansas. The first stop was the home of your pal and mine and Retroist Editor Vic Sage.

Vic Received the box while he was off slaving away for the man but his wife was nice enough to send him some pics of the treasures on his doorstep so he knew what was in store for him when he got home.

First let’s take a look at some of the things that Vic removed from the box.

Loot Pile 1

Hey! There is a couple of things from me in there! That’s awesome. Nice to think they found a good home. The Woodstock was reunited with a long-lost friend that Vic had in his personal retro collection. Sweet!

Friends reunited

As for the dwarfs they joined Vic’s already bulging collection of Dwarf figurines. Let’s take a look.

Dwarfs United!

What did Vic donate to the greatest charity of all, us? Let’s take a look. I’m sure it’s great. How could it not be? Vic is the man.

Junkbox Deposit 1

Man, good stuff! What is that Rocketeer thing right there? And is that a Phantom patch or is it an iron on? Also, is that the complete Knightfall Comic Book? That thing is like 300 pages! Wow, Vic.. Very Generous… What is that Tron thing there in the front? I have no idea but I totally want it…

Next week we’re going to take an in-depth look at the personal handoff at Arkadia Retrocade between Vic and another Retroist pal of ours Robe Flax. They had a great time and even dueled at Joust. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you got a minute pop on over to Facebook and give your boy IseeRobots a big thumbs up. You won’t be sorry for long. Have a great week!


Reigning County Fair Comic Book Trivia Champion, Overall doer of good things and general winner. Keep your hoodies on and your boots laced.

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4 thoughts on “ Junk Box Update: Arkansas!

  1. Spotted Feather says:

    They had Phantom trading cards ? I can’t believe that I missed those. I love the movie.

  2. Oh man, I had one of those hoppy Woodstocks, good times!
    I believe those Tron things are sticker cards from the movie trading card set.

  3. @Spotted Feather It was an odd card assortment. It had a little of everything in terms of the comic strip and the comics but overall it served as history of the character itself.

    @DoctorGori72 They are in good company, my friend! Right now they are by the hearth telling tales of heroism and what wonderful veins of Mithril they’ve discovered.

    @Dex You are quite correct!

    The Phantom patch is an Iron on and the Rocketeer ‘bust’ for lack of a better word is filled with candy…by all that’s good don’t eat the candy inside! The Knightfall item is actually an audio book for the series, there is an audio show for the Twilight Zone as well.

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