Happy Birthday, Dave Gahan!

king dave

Today, May 9, Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, turns 52 years young.


Is there something to do to celebrate his birthday? I’m sure he wants more than a party. Maybe he’s taking a ride with his best friend. Maybe he’s just laying on the grass, letting the hours pass.

I like to think he’s spending the day in quiet reflection, maybe on a seaside cliff, or even on top of a snowy mountain. Whatever he chooses to do, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure it’ll be the sweetest perfection.


It's all just pops and clicks within the vinyl groove I'm listening to. Music, movies, commercials, action figures, cassette tapes...anything that you left in your parents' attic when you moved. I want to talk about it.
-DJ Darko, Your Pop Culture Mixologist

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