The sound of the McDonald’s Big Mac

The sound of the McDonald’s Big Mac

Big Mac

I found myself watching a video of TV commercials from the 70’s recently and in amongst them was a McDonald’s Big Mac commercial. The Dancin’ advert from 1984 set a very happy vibe and it got me thinking about other McDonald’s songs I’ve heard over the years, in particularly, those for the Big Mac.

So, here is my top ten Big Mac ‘song’ commercials, ready for you to sing along to!

At number 10, you’ll keep comin’ back in this 1978 effort:

Number 9 continues the 70’s vibe with McDonald’s letting you know that they’ve got it all for you:

The Big Mac anthem finds itself at number 8. I suspect more people know this than the national anthem!

Back to the 70’s for number 7 – You deserve a break today!

The video that started this for me, at number 6, it’s Dancin’ starring Corey Haim from 1984:

At 5, and because I’m British, a very English take on the anthem:

1979 ups the cheese-factor at number 4 with the one and only Big Mac from the one and only place:

Number 3 gets a little higher pitched with Big Mac Comin’ from 1983:

We shoot for the moon at number 2 when we have a Mac Tonight in 1987:

And the prestigious Number One spot has to go to this 1986 Big Mac Attack rap:

Do you agree with my choices? Do you remember a Big Mac commercial that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments!

Amazingly, I could easily have made this a top 20 as the home of the Golden Arches has made dozens of adverts for its 40-something old flagship sandwich. I think I could have done a top 10 just for the Mac Attack commercials!

As a bonus for those still reading, this short set of mock adverts from ad agency Translation is awesome!

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