The Casio Life Cycles Biolator

The Casio Life Cycles Biolator

Hey kids. Your boy IseeRobots here again and as luck would have it this last sunday was a nice sunny day so like a million sunny sunday mornings before it, the flea market was in full effect.

We have two-year round flea markets in my town which is great and we also have an additional flea market that runs during the Summer months that is just fantastic with buyable goods. The flea market we went to this Sunday wasn’t that one.

It’s ok. I’ve found good things at the lesser flea market before but sometimes it’s like, in one gate and back to the car without more than one or two stops. If that’s the case and usually if it’s not we head over to the other flea market in the next town over.

There’s sometimes some decent stuff there. From time to time I’ll get my mitts on a Walkman or two and some VHS tapes and occasionally one of the vendors will have 80’s action figures on their blankets/tables that you can get up on for 25 or 50 cents. Anyway, enough talk about my area flea markets.

We hit up the first flea market, the one that doesn’t always have good stuff and came up on something really cool and weird. A Casio Life Cycles Biolator. It’s a Biorhythm calculator.


I remember the Biorhythm gimmick a little. I guess the idea is that you have good and bad days right? and there is some kind of a system where you can predict which are going to be which and act accordingly? I don’t know. Anyway, the calculator helps you with you formula. Cool huh?

I’ve totally never seen this before. It’s really weird and 70’s. Look at that couple on the box. They are having such a cool BR (Biorhythm) Day.


I did a little (very little) research when I got home. I hit up Vintage Technology and learned that the Biolator was made in 1975 and that what you do is enter your birthdate into the Biolator and it automatically figures out your B.R for you. But it’s not Y2K Compliant so it’s pretty much useless for modern Biorhythm believers.


It’s still really cool though. The lady that I got it from was cleaning out some stuff from her garage that she hadn’t touched for years. This was the only thing that I found worth getting in the millions of boxes she brought with her. There was lots of stuff like personal letters and whatnot almost no actual items just personal things from the 70’s. That kind of thing can be interesting but this time it wasn’t.

Anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with The Biolator. Just for the box art alone. It’s always cool to find something that is complete and in the box from the 70’s. Even if it’s a Biorhythm calculator. Especially if it’s a Biorhythm Calculator. Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say especially, but it’s neat enough to be happy with.

Thanks again for taking a few minutes out of your day to read about Biolators. I appreciate it. Want a little more silliness in your life? Head on over to Facebook and give Iseerobots a thumbs up. You won’t be sorry for long..


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  1. Very nice. I don’t remember any portable biorhythm calculators but in the late 70s and early 80s there were some coin-op biorhythm machines that could be found alongside the arcade games and love testers. I had a program for my Atari 800 that calculated biorhythms as well. As for the biorhythms themselves, the science is about half a step up from astrology.

  2. “Sorry, Diane. I can’t come pick you up tonight. The Biolator says I’m going to be too dumb to drive.”

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