Video Game-themed Retro Girl’s Sleepwear

Hey Kids. Your boy IseeRobots Here. I was poking around in my old Sears Wishbook this morning when I made a startling (to me) discover. I pull the book out sometimes when i’m feeling extra nostalgic. I’m usually feeling at least a little bit nostalgic but sometimes I get hit with an extra jolt of “The Good Old Days” and when I’m stricken in such a manner, The Wish Book comes out.

Sometimes I’ll open it up to a random page and examine whatever it is that happens to be there. I’ll try to pay extra attention to these entries just in case there might be a piece of minutia that I’ve yet to discover. This time I e I hit a random page home run and got hipped to something I’d never seen before. Atari Sweatsuits for girls! I guess they’ve been under my nose the whole time It’s just that I never go over to the girl’s sleepwear section.


I totally love the sweatsuit and The Asteroid shirt is awesome too. I wonder if they had some kind of data that said girls liked to play Asteroids more than other games, enough to qualify for its own merch. I doubt it though. I don’t think that marketing was there yet. Maybe though. Probably, actually. Who knows? Anyway, maybe some of the gals out there can chime in. Did you like Asteroids?


?And boom, I turn to the next page and see those awesome nighties right up there. Wow, I totally might have rocked that Pac-Man one and told people that it was a nightshirt. I’d need to find a droopy pink hat to wear along with it though

?Who knew that girls had awesome sleepy clothes too? I don’t have a sister so my exposure to cool pop culture nighties was nil, at best. I guess that’s cool. It gave me something to discover later in life.

Ha, my wife just walked by and told me that she used to have the Bo sleeper. That’s awesome. She also told me once that she had a Bo pillowcase as kid. Someone had a crush on Bo I guess. Hey, he was a hunk right? A real dream date. It is a little interesting that the girls would sometimes have heart-throbs on their PJs but that dudes had only like video game stuff or whatever..

Anyway, you guys have a great week. If you have a minute pop over to Facebook and give Iseerobots a thumbs up! You won’t be sorry for long.


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