Saturday Morning Slow Jams


Do you love your cartoons on Saturday morning? Who doesn’t? How do you spend your Saturday night? Do you groove to some slow jams? You do? Great! Now, let’s mash those two up for something really fun and unique—Saturday Morning Slow Jams.

Saturday Morning Slow Jams is the brainchild of YouTube star, Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox. A close friend, knowing my love of Saturday morning cartoons and music of all sorts shared this little gem with me.

Take a look at the full playlist. This is only the second of what is sure to be an excellent series. The Pokémon theme is up and I’m looking forward to seeing this Saturday morning’s slow jam.

What Saturday morning theme would you love to see slow jammed? Personally, I’d love to hear a slow jammed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Garfield and Friends. Tweet Scott Bradlee at @scottbradlee with your ideas for Saturday Morning Slow Jams.

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Ashley Thomas is a freelance writer, Signum University student, and war cleric. She is working towards her M. A. in Imaginative Literature which will be finished by summer 2017. When not in class or working, Ashley writes under the name, The Nerdy Blogger. You can read her blog here. You can follow Ashley on Twitter and on Facebook, where she shares nerdy posts every day. Ashley and her husband, Ryan, reside with their cats, Luna and Oliver, as well as a large quantity of books, comic books, tabletop games, retro video games, and polyhedral dice. Ashley wants to be Brienne of Tarth, Hermione Granger, and Leslie Knope when she grows up.
The Nerdy Blogger
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