Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: “7 Little Superheroes” (1981)

Spider Man And His Amazing Friends - Doctor Strange - Namor - Captain America
With the Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters this weekend I felt it was a good opportunity to share one of my absolute favorite episodes of the classic Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends TV show from back in 1981. It’s entitled “7 Little Superheroes” and back in my youth this was the very first time I was getting introduced to characters that would become some of my favorite from Marvel. When this episode originally aired I was already reading Captain America but this was the first time I would learn of Namor the Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange, and especially Shanna the She-Devil!

In this episode the Chameleon has decided to finally take his revenge against the heroes who have constantly thwarted his evil schemes in the past by devising unique traps to capture his hated enemies.
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5 thoughts on “Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: “7 Little Superheroes” (1981)

  1. This program is what made me want to work in comics. This is also my favorite episode! Thanks, Vic! Hoping for a Retroist Podcast about the show in the near future!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Vance. It’s hard to go wrong when you inject some Dr. Strange and Prince Namor into your animated series. :D

  3. But which version of Videoman is your favorite, Ashley? The two villain versions from season one or the season 3 episode where Francis Byte is caught in an arcade explosion and transformed into Videoman? :D

  4. I think I prefer villain Videoman to superhero, Vic. Though that one episode with Francis was pretty funny. :) The other thing I find pretty hilarious about this show was the episode “A Firestar is Born” where they team up with the X-Men and Wolverine just happens to be Australian. Cues for hiring Hugh Jackman? It’s entirely possible.

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