Size Up Your Favorite Dragons In Pop Culture With This Handy Dragon Guide!

Image courtesy of the Daily Dot.
Image courtesy of the Daily Dot.

How many times have you been talking to friends about dragons and the inevitable question begins a heated argument of who is bigger, Elliot from Pete’s Dragon or a Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter? Well, thanks to the Daily Dot you can consult this handy dragon guide chart to settle that argument once and for all…and the answer as you can see is the Hungarian Horntail! Which means that Daniel XIII totally owes me some cheesy nachos appetizers from the Retroist Vault food court!

Though I have to wonder…why isn’t Draco from Dragonheart on this size chart?


Now the reason the chart was created by the Daily Dot was to discuss just how big the Dragons from A Song of Ice and Fire and of course the HBO Game of Thrones will actually end up being…and judging by the artwork from the upcoming A World of Ice and Fire guide…wow…they might get MASSIVE. To help we fans of dragons in pop culture wrap our brains around it all they put together that nifty size chart you see up top. So hop on over to the Daily Dot by following the provided link but be warned that it has all manner of spoilers on the TV show.


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