Retroist.Com Junkbox Update; Bloomington Illinois

Retroist.Com Junkbox Update; Bloomington Illinois

Hey kid! Your boy IseeRobots here with the latest on our shared interest, The junk Box. This last week It spent another few days in Illinois. This time in the fair town of Bloomington, with our good pal Rico.

Rico got the box over the weekend but wasn’t there to receive it in person. Where was he? Over at The Chicago Toy Show buying awesome stuff of course. Dudes, that sounds like tons of fun right? Anyway, he wasn’t there to get it himself but his loyal wife was in the house so it’s all good. She collected the box and let Rico know and he promptly sent out a missive to me. I was able to sleep the sleep of the unencumbered. Knowing it was safe and sound.

The next day he took some pics of the box and it’s contents. Sharing the pics is really what I’m here for so let’s get on to it. The first one is the cool stuff that he grabbed up for himself. Here’s a peek.


Wow, looks like Bases Loaded didn’t last long! I guess I’m not the only other kid around here into it. Hey! There’s that wrestling magazine I put in there. I got that mag in a junk shop called Fatty’s Threads over on the other side of town. Take care of it Rico. Precious memories of a great shopping trip.

I think I put in The Madden ’92 as well.My little brother used to beat me at that all the time. It shan’t be missed. Ok, let’s move on to the super generous load he dropped in the box! Here we go..


Man, GREAT! I love all of this. Zartan and Zarana! Tommy Lasorda, (fair trade for Madden I suppose) Is that Bruce Sato from M.A.S.K up near that Return Of The Jedi dude? I think so. Wow, lots of good stuff. Thanks Rico.

So the box is gonna swing over to Arkansas next, home to two Retroist Junk Box participants. First up? Everyone’s favorite contributor, Vic Sage! Should be fun to see what he’s got hidden away in his locker over at The Retroist Film Vault. Until next time this is your boy IseeRobots Checking out.

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  1. YEEESSSSS!!!! I’m the other Arkansan and I’ve been wanting a Zartan for AGES!

  2. But Robe…I need that Zartan too…we’ll just have to meet up at the arcade and settle this with a game of Joust, my friend! ;)

  3. Indeed! A true gentleman’s duel.
    Unfortunately, I’ll end up accidentally popping my own ostrich.
    Yet again.

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