What is wrong with this Colecovision Image?


This image was pulled from the letters section of an early edition of “Electronic Games” magazine. I must have passed it over dozens of times before I looked up at the label. Here is the photo from the very next page…



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5 thoughts on “What is wrong with this Colecovision Image?

  1. Matt Fisher says:

    Weeeel, the first picture obviously is the Intellivision, and the second is an early prototype with different graphics and regular controllers with the rollers in them, which were taken out of the final product. The rollers were included finally in the Super Action Controllers. Fun fact: If you open up a controller, there’s a good chance that the PCB will have markings where the spinner was supposed to go (at some point in the prototyping process it was moved above the keypad and then taken out entirely).

  2. vinvectrex says:

    Matt sums it up nicely. I’d simply add that Electronic Games magazine, while a great publication, had quite a few mis-captions on their photos.

  3. Lance says:

    That appears to be the wonderful Intellivoice module plugged in the side also!

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