Love, Sidney


Love, Sidney was a groundbreaking and subsequently controversial sitcom that aired on NBC from 1981 to 1983. It made the bold choice to feature its entire cast singing the theme song, something only ever approached in the 30 years since by That’s So Raven. Oh, and it was also the first American TV show with an openly gay lead character. It wasn’t terribly integral to the plot and outside of the pilot TV movie, never outwardly mentioned at all, but it still got people all up in a tizzy because people were more horrible back then and the show was cancelled before its time. Love, Sidney should also be noted for being one of the most staggeringly sad sitcoms of all time. The maudlin theme song hints at that, but this is a show about a divorced woman (when that was still somewhat taboo) having to move in with a man she barely knows, and that man is incredibly lonely because, as it’s alluded to in a later episode, his partner is dead.

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