My Family could shut down Beefsteak Charlie’s


I do not eat shrimp. Nothing against the little guys. I just don’t enjoy eating them. Everyone else in my family though loves shrimp. So when Beefsteak Charlie’s started serving all you can eat shrimp my family just about pitched a tent there on every Saturday night for 3 months. I would watch plate after plate of those little pink guys get gobbled down while I begged for quarters to play Pole Position near the register.

If memory serves me right, Beefsteak Charlie’s also served sangria. A lot of sangria.


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2 thoughts on “My Family could shut down Beefsteak Charlie’s

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Was Beefsteak Charlie’s the place that ended the ads with the fact that they served “Beer, Wine and Sangria?”? I don’t think I knew what Sangria was for a very a long time but I sure do remember that line.

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