Saturday Frights Presents – Skeletons in the Closet with This Week’s Guest Randy R Fabert!


Hey creeps, have you ever wished that today’s fright flicks could take a page from the classics of midnights past…ya know, really ramp up the hand crafted practical effects and soak them in buckets of crimson gore? Well, your ol’ pal The Ouija Board Kid Daniel XIII certainly does, and so does film maker and special effects maestro Randy R Fabert, the auteur behind the upcoming fang fest Autumn Moon! Let’s pick his brain a bit to see what ghoulish goodies he has in store for wicked werewolf lovers everywhere!


Before we talk a bit about your history with all things horror, let’s dive right into discussing your upcoming feature Autumn Moon, which appears to be a real love letter to the great werewolf films of the 80’s with its high gore quotient and gorgeous practical effects. Can you tell our readers a little about the inspirations behind its creation?

Randy: Yes you could say that Autumn Moon is very much a love letter to the classic werewolf horror films of the past, dating all the way back to 1935 with Werewolf Of London. I grew up on the classic Universal films of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, continuing with Hammer Films in the late 50’s through the 70’s.

Most horror fans pick a side when choosing their favorite werewolf film of the 80’s with gorehounds aligning strongly with either An American Werewolf in London or The Howling. Do you have a favorite between the two (and if so why did you choose the film you did?)

Randy: The 80’s were a new time for the horror film, with groundbreaking special makeup effects, boobs and blood. They were just fun movies to watch. Out of the two best ‘true’ horror werewolf films which came in 1981 An American Werewolf in London and The Howling, my favorite would have to be American Werewolf. That being said, they both have merit. The Howling has some pretty kick a** werewolves and the story is truly a tale of horror, with some cheese and tons of camp. What I really love about American Werewolf is the fact that it was not shot like a horror film. By this I mean, the lighting is not horror movie lighting and that adds a very comfortableness, or a normalcy to a less than normal situation.

Stepping backwards a bit, what would you say was the seminal genre film (or films) that inspired you to direct your own horror movies?

Randy: I would have to say that I have always wanted to make monsters and movies, I would stay up late and watch the local Creature Feature, or Friday Night Frights and that led to me wanting to recreate what I saw on the screen. I started making home movies when I was 10, with my first being a super 8 3 minute version of Frankenstein. My favorite movies of all time are too many to name them all. The Bride of Frankenstein, 1935 is at the top of the list, Alien, American Werewolf, The Howling, The Thing, Friday the 13th, etc…. All of these films have inspired me in one way or another to make movies.


You also have a background in special effects creation. Do you have a favorite effects artist from the past?

Randy: There are two makeup artists that have inspired me to create creatures, Jack Pierce and Rick Baker and trust me when I say I can talk all day long about those two.

What can fans expect from you after Autumn Moon premiers?

Randy: What can fans expect from me after Autumn Moon? That’s a great question; I would love to hear an answer to that also. Ha. Well, I have a western script called The Last Days of Ezra Parrish and am always working on my script for a true to the book version of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein. We’ll have to see what happens.

Any words of advice for our readers that are considering a career in the horror biz?

Randy: Advice I would have to give anyone wanting to make movies, or create creatures. Study, study, study, learn everything you can about films and, or makeup effects, never give up and get a great paying day job.

Thanks for stopping by the ol’ Vault Randy!

If any of you are so inclined, please head over to the Autumn Moon Kickstarter page and help keep the spirit of true horror alive!

Be sure to stop back next week fiendish ones to see what the ol’ Ouija Board Kid has in store for you!

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