Did You Try To Steal The Batmobile In 1989?

Did You Try To Steal The Batmobile In 1989?

Batman - Alexander Knox - Robert Wuhl
If you weren’t of a certain age in 1989 you might not realize that a small movie…something called Batman…took the whole country by storm. Everywhere you looked there was wonderful T-Shirts, toys, cereal, and bedsheets with the Dark Knight’s grim visage or the Joker’s maniacal leering glare staring back at you.

But it was MTV that decided what we fans of the film should do was steal the Batmobile and that is certainly something I tried to do. This commercial for the giveaway is really pretty sweet, you’ve got Robert Wuhl basically reprising his role as Alexander Knox from the film, and it certainly looks like he is on the set of Batman, I especially like his reasons for why the engine would be removed before it was handed over to you.

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Now out of the 982,950 callers like myself that tried to get behind the wheel of Batman’s ride, the winner was Patrick McLynn, a 23-year-old college student living in Richmond, Virginia. Not only did he get the Batmobile…minus the engine…but the keys were handed to him by Robert Wuhl along with a check for $25,000. Make sure to hop over to read the interview by the Richmond Magazine with Patrick but here is an excerpt:

“None of that mattered at 4:30 p.m. on June 23, when Batman premiered at the Ridge Cinema (now a Kroger grocery). Some 800 people watched the lanky redheaded McLynn get his prize in the Ridge parking lot. Actor Robert Wuhl, who played “ace reporter” Alexander Knox in the film, presented McLynn with a prop $25,000 check before introducing the film inside the theater.”


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  1. Between dialing up long distance BBS systems and this promotion I had a long conversation with my Dad regarding the phone bill.

    Good times…..

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