Retroist Junk Box Update! Wauconda Illinois!

Retroist Junk Box Update! Wauconda Illinois!

Hey kids! Your old pal IseeRobots here again with the up to the minute, latest update on The Retroist Junkbox.There was a small-ish delay on the second leg of the Ohio jaunt but after a quick minute or so THE BOX is back on the road again like Willie Nelson’s famous tune from The Honeysuckle Rose Soundtrack.

This week our good pal Doctor Gori from Wauconda Illinois, home of The Phil’s beach scene from fantabulous film The Blue’s Brothers got the box and was kind enough to take some pics of its contents! What a trooper.

The first pic is of the stuff that he generously added to the already overstuffed cardboard carton of RETRO GEMS.


Dudes, was anyone here as into Bases Loaded for the NES as much as I was? I doubt it. I mean, if you were hit me up. We should totally hang out.

My brother and me used to rent that game up from the video store over by The A and B Market at least once a month. Why? Well, because if you beaned the right batter you could totally provoke a bench clearing brawl! The cart had some good gameplay elements as well but the brawl gimmick used to blow our wigs back. We used to bean each other over and over just praying that the hapless batter would go for his, fisticuffs style.

This second pic is of the things he took for himself. Looks like you got some good stuff my man!


Let’s give it up to our dude here! The box is an experiment in trust and the take to leave ratio shows me that dude’s trustworthy. You go girl! Next stop? Also The Land Of Lincoln but this time the fair town of Bloomington!

Here’s one more pic to wet your whistle! This one is of some of the good stuff you might find if you are lucky enough to be on the Junk Box’s route..


Thanks for taking the time out of your already busy day to take a peek at my little deal here. I appreciate it. Makes me feel all tingly inside…

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  1. Oh man I had the molds for those lead D&D figures in the first picture. My dad made his own bullets so since he had access to molten lead already he figured I would have fun making little orcs and other fantasy action figures. Don’t really remember washing my hands much after playing with them so I wonder how much lead poisoning I suffered. I ended up giving them all away so in hindsight that may have saved my life.

    I hope that DS9 wrist watch is still in the box when it makes it way back to California.

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