Stay dry under your Bubble Umbrella

I live in Seattle now. A city that has a reputation for being rainy, but what you might not know, is that for some reason the use of umbrellas are frowned upon here. I have not gotten to the bottom of why yet, but I have been complying with the local customs. This is a real shame because I have been itching to break out my bubble umbrella and walk with impunity through the wettest of storms.

I have never figured out why these umbrellas are not more popular. They sit lower on you and block more rain. You can see through them. They are narrower so they take up less sidewalk space. In a few words, they are awesome! Ah the heck with it. Watch out Seattle, when the rains return, watch for me strutting my stuff in my bubble umbrella. I will look like a bigger version of this lucky kid.



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