Batman Beyond VS Batman: The Animated Series In New 75th Anniversary Short!

Darwyn Cooke - Batman Beyond
When I first heard about a new animated series entitled ‘Batman Beyond’ I found myself having a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that there would be a new Batman and it wasn’t going to be Bruce Wayne. I didn’t like what I was hearing…not one bit.

Then at Comic-Con I saw this image from the series, Bruce with Ace the Bat-Hound.
Batman Beyond - Bruce Wayne

Suddenly I found myself getting very excited about the new show and I was happy to see how closely the series was tied to the original Batman: The Animated Series. To be fair I was a little surprised by how quickly I grew to like Terry McGinnis as the new Batman.

Well, now thanks to Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier) we have a new short celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary and this one pits Terry (Voiced by Will Friedle) and ‘Old’ Bruce (Voiced by Kevin Conroy) against…the Batman from the Fox Animated series. This premiered over the weekend at the WonderCon but thankfully Warner Bros. has released the short on Yahoo’s official YouTube page.

Darwyn Cooke by the way had a hand in designing the opening of the Batman Beyond TV show.
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